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Question   Lenses
I love your work. I was wondering what lens you are using for your landscape/architectural images. Your work is amazing in rich color and detail.
D'Arcy Kallingal

- D'Arcy Lewis-Kallingal May 11, 2012

  Answer Thank you so much, I appreaciate your feedback. For landscapes I mainly use canon 14 mm and canon 24-70mm. Hope it helps!

- Stefania Barbier  August 07, 2012

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Question   Gallery
Your gallery is exquisitely beautiful!

- Liz blahh January 25, 2012

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Question   Wedding Photos
Your photos are getting very artistic!
Great job

-  September 21, 2011

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Question   Excelent !
Excelentes tus fotografias!! saludos de unos grandes amigos... Carlos Velez y Nelva Izarra... te recordamos siempre... exitos !!

- carlos velez December 27, 2009

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Question   Great photo
My son climbed Mont Blanc in 2008. He remembers the exact site. You did a wonderful job, Stefania!

-  December 01, 2009

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Question   Comment
Your gallery is absolutely brilliant, Stefania!!! Enjoyed viewing the world through your lens and your point of view. Have a blessed day!

- Sharon Sawyer November 20, 2009

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  Answer Cool site.

- Rob Miller  July 08, 2009

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Question   Estupendas fotos
Charles Dickens dijo: "el hombre nunca sabe de lo que es capaz hasta que lo intenta.." Con esto expreso mi asombro que, dentro de tus tantas virtudes sigues manifestando otras más como por la estupendas imagenes que dejas plasmadas es esas fotos para la posteridad...

- Luciano G. March 16, 2009

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Question   Amazing Work
Really an amazing gallery! An explosion of light and emotions. Always new masterpieces to astonish you. Keep it up!

- Fabio M. Mondini  January 31, 2009

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Question   so inspiring
Your work is truly inspring and such a delight to view. I can see your heart and soul through each image. Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration to this world!

- Chastity Abbott November 18, 2008

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Question   Por vezes precisamos ter Atitude.
Olá Stefania, fui seguindo os links e aqui estou eu, tens uma excelente galeria, és talentosa e muito simpática, por vezes temos que tomar uma atitude e essa é dita pela nossa consciência se o fizeste reflectidamente quem sou eu para a contrariar, depois do @ que me envias-te entendo a tua atitude estou solidário contigo, se precisares de alguma coisa eu estou por aqui. virei mais vezes para poder apreciar os teus magnificos trabalhos. tudo de bom para ti e um abraço de Portugal.

Vitor Dias

- Vitor Dias November 18, 2008

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Question   your gallery

You have a beautiful new gallery, but I noticed that your Free and Basic galleries are empty. It is unfortunately not so convenient to comment your photos in your new gallery: now, the name, e-mail and security code have to be typed, too. So, maybe you could display some of your newest images in your Free gallery?

- Tiia Vissak November 18, 2008

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Question   Amazing work.
Hi! Stefania, I visited your website today. Amazing photographs. whether it is macro, flowers, landscape or portrait all are outstanding!! Keep this great work. God may bless you!!
Gud wishes to see more innovative pics in your gallery.
BTW, are you full time photographer or it is your hobby?
Which country do you live in? Is it France?

- Mukesh Srivastava April 14, 2008

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Question   Las fotos mas hermosas que he visto

-  December 21, 2007

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Question   Hobby en común
Steafania no lo puedo creer que hoy en el espiritu de la navidad tenga la gratisima sorpresa de que tenemos un hobby en comun La Fotografia , de verdad que te felicito por esta excelnte pagina

Muchisimos Saludos

-  December 21, 2007

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Question   FOTOS
Your brother, Anita, Roberto, Stefano, Nicholas, and Olivia are in awe looking at your website.
We have a famous TIA.
We are very proud of you!

-  December 08, 2007

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Question   Congratulations... Your Deluxe Web Site!
Hi, Stefania...
I have just known your new website and I present my executions.
Your works deserve this new space.
Your pictures, your trips will be very well documented.
virafoto (hmoura).

-  November 08, 2007

  Answer Love, Love, Love your new gallery...I didn't realize just how extensive your talent is!! ....and such a wonderful person also.....which explains the "special touch" in your work...

- Judi Bailey  January 31, 2009

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Question   Comment
Beautiful gallery Stefania. Complimenti per il boun lavoro.

- Laurence Saliba June 23, 2007

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Question   Ruota su muro
Bellissima la ruota appoggiata al muro rosso ocra...


-  April 10, 2007

  Answer Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cmiong!

- Lyndee Lyndee  September 14, 2011

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Question   about new hobby :-))
really amazing

le foto dei fiori spettacolari , ed anche l'orso ... la mia preferita ?
il limone .... incredibile
Veramente bravissima

-  March 04, 2007

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